Where can I purchase Aura Roboclean Cleaning and Health System? Sale of Aura Roboclean Cleaning and Health System is provided by competent distributors. If you want to purchase Roboclean Cleaning and Health System, please request the form found in our webpage. Our closest authorized dealer in your region will contact...

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After dust mites, the second important allergy reason in houses is pets. Although many animals such as cat, dog, rabbit, bird, squirrel, and monkey...

What Is Astma

Asthma is a disease that extensively contracts our breathing ways in lungs (bronchus). This happens as a result of some stimulants. This contraction can recover...

Fungus Allergy

Aspergillus is fungus specie that reproduces in hot and damp environments. They can exist in houses or atmosphere. Every aspergillus has a season that...

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What Is Allergen

Allergens are materials that exist in our environment and that make reactions in our bodies because of the reasons and mechanisms mentioned above. If...